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Fergie denies making offensive gesture

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LONDON (AFP) - Sir Alex Ferguson has denied making offensive gestures during Manchester United's Premier League victory at Reading.

The United manager was caught by television cameras appearing to make obsence hand movements in the direction of home supporters at the Madejski Stadium following Wayne Rooney's goal.

After Cristiano Ronaldo scored a late clincher for United, Ferguson embarked on an aggressive clenched fist gesture which seemed to be aimed towards the Reading bench and coach Wally Downes.

But the Scot insisted he was only celebrating his side's goals.

"All I was doing was expressing my relief at winning what was one of our hardest games of the season," Ferguson said.

"Reading always make it tough for us. We ran so much that we clocked up more kilometres than we have in any game this season."

Yeah right Fergie - it was expressing the relief ;) ;) ;) ...i won't tell anyone
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sometimes the banter coming from the away fans does get to the manager and in much the same way as gary neville running to liverpool fans to celebrate utd win after dogs abuse it is a case of giving them some back . passions are raised during a game . i am sure you have called players who miss easy goals during a game as we all have and when we analyse things after it seems childish . for me its a great sign of the fire still burning
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