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Fergie feels Saha is key to glory

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Sir Alex Ferguson is convinced Manchester United have a "big, big chance" of glory this season if striker Louis Saha can stay fit.
Although he has added the varied attacking talents of Carlos Tevez, Anderson and Nani to a squad which already contains Wayne Rooney and was the most prolific in the Premier League last term, Ferguson knows Saha offers something different.

Quick, strong, excellent in the air and blessed with shooting power in both feet, Saha's only major weakness is his appearance record.

Barely a month has gone by without the France international picking up one physical problem or another, hence the reason why Ferguson is showing such patience with the 29-year-old this season.

Saha has already scored an all-important winner against Sunderland and his introduction as a substitute at Goodison Park last weekend was a major factor in United sneaking a victory over Everton.

He then helped see the Red Devils home for a crucial Champions League triumph over Sporting Lisbon in midweek.

So, while the former Fulham man is likely to start on the bench on Sunday when United look to turn a difficult week into a disaster for Chelsea following the departure of Jose Mourinho, Ferguson confirmed Saha is a hugely influential figure at Old Trafford.

"Louis is a different type of player to anyone else I have at the club," he said.

"If you look at last season, he had already scored 12 goals up to the point where he got his injury in December. If he had stayed fit, he might have got us 30.

"He has already come on against Sunderland and scored an important goal for us and changed it for us against Sporting on Wednesday at a point when Wayne was starting to tire.

"If Louis stays fit, we have a big, big chance this year."
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i wouldnt say key to glory as he cant carry a whole team on his shoulders but he is definitely a brilliant striker which any team would be proud to have
See! Fergie agrees with my comment a while back also. Saha was the spark that turned our season around :) Huzzah!
I have got to agree with the great man, we have got a fantastic chance if we can get Saha fit and back to his scoring ways.

Rooney naturally as started to sit back behind the front striker now, and we have got to get a player that is going to get behind the defense and get us the goals that we have been craving so very dearly over the past few games.

Tevez just hasn't settled in at the moment, and we need a player to rely on and i hope that Saha is the man for the job.

Staying fit is an issue for him, i think that we have established that, and with the amount of patience that Fergie as given to him, i am confident that he will want to give something back to the club, and he will burst onto the pitch and play the best that he can and show that he as been worth the wait.

We need a spark from somewhere in the team, and Saha could be the man for that. At the same time so could Neville. He is a fantastic captain and we are missing him on the back row, and down the right wing supporting Ronaldo alike.

Okay, we haven't got off to the best of starts this season, but we have got the games behind our belt and we have got a respectable amount of points from these at the same time. But we have got to step up our game and the return of key players is surely the catalyst for this reaction.
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He will help of course - he is very good player - but without him we win the Prem League !!

No one man is bigger than the team I say. Even without captain Neville for long time we win league too......

Something has been missing and I think it has been the combination of Rooney/Ronaldo and Neville more than Saha.........but I'm only a girl, lol :p so maybe I am wrong (unlikely thought ) x
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