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RedSte said:
i dont see why the question was even put to Fergie in the 1st place. Roo has been excellent this season IMO. He was not bought as a goalscorer, although he would be expected to get 12-15 a season and he is on course for that. He is the vital link between attack and midfield and creates so many goals and chances for others. The lads done just fine.
I still feel he has underachieved. He is a forward for Man United and getting
12-15 goals is not acceptable, even for his role as the 'vital link'.
He has missed a lot of chances and could be on 20 goals at least by now,
if he had more composure in shooting positions. Basically he has missed too many
sitters. Rooney is an integral part of our team but I still feel he can improve a lot.
For me this season he has not been up to scratch, be it from injuries, confidence,
match fitness etc....who knows? but we know he can be way better.
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