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Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed Manchester United have appointed two full-time scouts in Brazil to keep tabs on the latest Samba stars.

Ferguson already has four young Brazilians on his books, with twins Rafael and Fabio Da Silva, plus Rodrigo Possebon joining Anderson in the Old Trafford first-team squad this season.

Now reports have emerged linking United with the 'new Ronaldinho', 18-year-old midfielder Douglas Costa, who is earning rave reviews at Gremio.

And while Ferguson is refusing to comment on that specific speculation, it is no coincidence United are starting to get linked with more Brazilians.

"We have invested in two full-time scouts in Brazil," said Ferguson.

"It is a country you should pay attention to. Historically, it has always been a country that produces fantastic footballers and players who can play in big games all the time.

"They have ability and enthusiasm."

While it may seem odd to cast the youth net so wide, Ferguson feels he is only following a trend that brought Sir Bobby Charlton down from the north-east in the 1950s and George Best across from Northern Ireland a decade later.

"It goes in cycles," said Ferguson.

"The north-east used to be a great hunting ground for scouts for many years.

"We had a spell in 1993. France had a great spell and are still producing some fantastic young players.

"Our scouts go to games and might get seen. It doesn't mean we are signing anyone."

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We have three top young brazilains in the De Silva's and Anderson.... Rem Anderson is still only 20!!! Possebon is a little behind these other three but he has a chance!
I love this sudden burst of "Samba" stars at OT!!! Exciting young players and i look forward to see how they get on.

However this young kid we are trying to buy aint to cheap, i heard something like 20mil..... so he better be something very special if we are to spent that money on him!!!

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Its good that we are searching far and wide for talent.

However, I think we should delve deeper into Africa. The African nations are improving, and they have some wonderfully talented players. But yet we never, as it looks, seem to go to search Africa that much.

If we can snap potentially great-world class players, from whichever country we are looking at, the investment will be more than worth it.

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piazza said:
I can't believe Kleberson was our whole Brazilian contingent before Ando arrived. Speaking of Anderson-son-son, how pudgy does he look in that pic?
he does like his pies by the looks of things i think that was taken at the start of the season haha

and yah for sure it was a good thing were scouting in brazil that place is littered with amazing young players

as much as id like to say scouting england is better i thing the talent is abit dry at the moment and seems to wanna go to the arse instead of english clubs like our selfs

so if we have to turn to the cournty thats won the most world cups for plays who am i to complan???

lets hope we will be doing the samba for a long time to come

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The problem with scouting in Engerlund is that you have to start really young before they join the academy of other clubs, but then you have that BS 90 mile radius rule, which is down right retarded.

Roy Keane was commenting that part of Sunderland's radius lies in the water, so he would have to find some talented fish :D

It's very seldom you get to sign a player after he joins an academy.

There's a Bolton striker, who is stalling on signing a professional contract, which attracting interest, but he is the exception.

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christianoharleiro said:
another 'next ronaldinho' bleh...

wasn't anderson meant to be the new ronaldinho?
"The New Ronaldinho" is a tag that seems to be thrown out alot these days by the Brazilian media. Much like "The Next Maradona" for every promising young hopeful that comes out of Argentina.

Brazil is producing a phenomonal amount of young talent, its really amazing. Every week i hear about the next big thing in Brazilian talent somewhere. :eek:

Although personally, if we're gonna get the next big thing from Brazil, I'd love it too be a striker..maybe someone that will be the next Ronaldo. I really wish we'd gotten Alexandre Pato...but unfortunately..Milan got him because of the Brazilian connection they have with Leonardo and their various brazilian players.
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