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Rafa Beneathus, Fergie and Jesus were wandering
through the wilderness discussing football, the woes
of the earth, and how to turn the 14th corner of a
season, when they came upon a fast flowing river.

Fergie and Jesus wandered across the top of the
water to the other side and on reaching the other
bank, turned to see Inspector Clueless pondering
the wisdom of stepping onto the fast flowing water.

Jesus shouted for the Fat Spanish Waiter to follow
them, "its a peice of cake" he shouted.

The dim witted one stepped off the bank and was
swept away by the water down to the sea and was
eaten by sharks just for good measure.

"Oh dear" said the holy one, "perhaps that was a
bit naughty, I should have told him where the
stepping stones are"

Fergie looked at the divine one and said

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