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Fergie: Liverpool's billions

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Sir Alex Ferguson has hit out at Liverpool, saying that in the Premiership, they will be one of the most hated clubs, next season.

He insists that short term success through an unlimited resourceful amount of money that their new owners Hicks and Gillet will bring to the club, will undoubtedly make Liverpool less respectful to other clubs.

They will follow the same steps as Chelsea have done, when Roman Abramovich took over in 2003.

"Manchester United, although are currently under foreign ownership, have proved, this season, that Chelsea's spending power, cannot affect our battle for the title. We only purchased Carrick and Kuszczak and yet we won the league. The determination and coming 2nd in the league last season, drove all the players to the championship.

Foreign ownership, without question, has made the league more competitive and I would say now, that this league, without a question, is now, the best in the world and has opened an opportunity for more English clubs to progress further in European competitions.

But, what we have achieved was by growing a young team, with a right mixture of youth and experience, that can play for such a long time. Chelsea brought in Ballack and Shevchenko and they really have not made a giant impact in the Premiership, because the league is the toughest league in the world, so it just goes to show that you cannot expect big players to adapt to the Premiership straight away."

It has been rumoured that Rafa Benitez will be handed a huge summer transfer fund by the new American owners.

The former Valencia coach has had great success in cup competitions since his arrival at Anfield in 2004 but he knows he must make a serious bid for the Barclays Premiership after finishing third this season, 21 points behind champions Manchester United.
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damn....we have another chelsea now :(
its not the competition m afraid of...but over spending for players with chelsea and real madrid and now liverpool is killing us :(
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