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Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson has declared that managers of the 'big four' do not have the time to develop young English talent.

With the pressures now so great to win trophies and even games, managers find themselves with an even shorter time to build a successful team.

Therefore the lure of buying ready-made foreigners compared to training up a youth-team graduate is much more luxurious for everyone involved at a club.

With more money at stake with the so called 'big four', the pressure to succeed is even greater and it is for this reason why the Scot believes there is a lack of young English players coming through at the country's top clubs.

"When you are a top four club, you have to understand that you need success right away," Ferguson told Shortlist magazine.

"You can't wait three of four years for players to ease in like perhaps you can with clubs who are not expected to win silverware year in year out."

Ferguson has also been openly critical of Fifa's plans to push through the 6+5 rule where a club are expected to start with six players from the nationality of where they are based in order to increase the number of youth grauates.

One man who would support such a move would be England boss Fabio Capello after he declared that only 35 per cent of Premier League players were eligible to play for the national team.

If the rule came in at present it would appear that United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal would all suffer with a combined total of just eight English players starting in their last respective fixtures.

That measly total is matched by top four hopefuls Aston Villa when they fielded eight English players for Wednesday's Uefa Cup clash with CSKA Moscow.,19528,11667_4943657,00.html

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fergie has a point though. the need for trophies is far greater in the eyes of clubs than the need to develop good english players. clubs dont care what nationality the player comes from, as long as he can perform, he is gonna stay.
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