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He wipes front to back
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that will be his next task . 3 seasons more with us then team gb for 2012 olympics .

ten jock minimum will be his stipulation .

this smacks of a way to fight off the sweaties calls for an independent scottish olympic team .

250 years of sponging off the english and then they hit oil and they want independance ..

lets chuck all of them back over the wall after fergie goes :eek:

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is it confirmed that gb will have a under-23 team?

if there is, i think sir alex shld take up the job. his last job as a manager, as a gb manager will be awesome, afterall, he is the best in the business(although he never been in international football, but he shld have no problem as long as he has a proper assistant manager)

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Beckham kick starts party:

SUPERSTAR David Beckham kicked off the countdown to the London Olympics — and revealed he could be a COACH for Team GB in 2012.
Becks sent 91,000 spectators into a frenzy at Beijing’s National Stadium when he appeared from within a red London bus at yesterday’s closing ceremony.

Nine-year-old London schoolgirl Tayyiba Dudhwala handed him a football, and a deafening roar erupted as the smiling England ace kicked the ball into a crowd of Olympic athletes below him.

The appearance by Beckham — a global sporting icon born just down the road from our Olympic site in the East End — was the highlight of London’s performance celebrating the official handover from Beijing.

The eight-minute showcase for Britain also featured X Factor winner Leona Lewis, in a stunning gold dress, performing Whole Lotta Love with Led Zeppelin rock legend Jimmy Page.

The bus stopped by VIPs including PM Gordon Brown and wife Sarah, and London Mayor Boris Johnson, who received the Olympic flag on behalf of the capital.

Afterwards, Beckham revealed he could coach an all-star GB footie team at the 2012 games, with his old Man United boss Sir Alex Ferguson as manager.

Britain has been barred from Olympic football because England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland compete separately in international matches.

But Mr Brown is determined to resolve the issue and has held talks with footie’s governing body FIFA.

LA Galaxy midfielder Becks said: “We deserve to have a football Team GB at the Olympics and I hope it gets sorted.”

Becks will be 37 in 2012 and says it is unlikely he will play. But asked if he would take a key role, he said: “I think it’s possible.”

Olympic hero Lord Coe, head of the 2012 organisers, has already asked Fergie to manage the side.

Last night Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp admitted he would love the job.

He said: “Would I take it if they offered it to me? Absolutely — I’d be a fool not to. The biggest problem I’d have is who to leave out.”

The British display followed another awesome spectacle by the Chinese, with thousands of dancers and acrobats.

Olympic President Jacques Rogge thanked the people of China for “16 glorious days we will cherish forever”.

Mr Johnson will fly the Olympic flag at City Hall after he returns tomorrow. The Mayor said he was “humbled” by the honour of receiving the banner.

He added: “I’m also intensely proud that London is now in charge of the Olympic legacy.

The next Summer Games return to a country which invented or codified just about every major sport.

“We will deliver a fantabulous Olympics in the home of sport.”

Britain’s 2008 Olympians fly home to a heroes’ welcome today after bagging our best medal haul since 1908.

Our 19 gold, 13 silver and 15 bronze gave us a total of 47, putting us fourth behind only China, the US and Russia, and ahead of Germany and Australia.

The athletes were due to land at Heathrow at 3.05pm on board a dedicated BA jumbo jet with its nose cone painted gold.

Gordon Brown has outlined plans for a return to competitive sport in schools in a bid to create a new generation of Olympic champions for the London Games in 2012.

The PM said he wanted to end the “medals-for-all culture” and bring back the competitive element to school games.

He also called for children to be given the chance of becoming involved in a greater range of sports and even suggested the return of boxing to the school gym.

Mr Brown said: “We have started to correct what I believe was the tragic mistake of previous years of reducing the competitive element in school sports.”
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