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Sir Alex Ferguson has dismissed Rafa Benitez's claim that Manchester United have spent more on transfers than Liverpool over the last few years.

Benitez suggested last week that Ferguson had been far busier in the transfer market but the United boss has done his own calculations and believes the Spaniard is way ahead since he took charge at Anfield five years ago.

Ferguson also expects Benitez to make several signings this summer after putting pen-to-paper on a new contract.

"I was amazed at that one," said Ferguson. "I got some of the people in the sports technology department to check that out.

"He's well ahead of us in spending in the last five years.

"He said our spending power is more than theirs but he has spent £24million more than we have.

"I think you will see Rafa producing an absolute spending spree, I think that's an absolute certainty now he has signed a new contract.

"There's talk about a recession but I don't think there will be one at Liverpool this year."

In terms of net spending - taking into account income from sales - the clubs are much the same. Liverpool's net spending over five years on players is £82.5million and United's has been £85.5million.

But Ferguson insists he is also committed to bringing through younger players, while Benitez is more focused on bringing in experienced professionals.

He explained: "There's a balance - we have signed 18 players in the last five years and eight of those have been young players. There's a balance, it's about doing the thing correctly.

"We like to try to develop young players and we will always do that. That's the nature of the club.

"Other clubs are maybe different and obviously Rafa has a different philosophy of the game from mine.

"But that's the great thing about football - everyone has a different way of doing things.

"The most amazing fact was that they have used 60 players in reserves matches and have 50 players in their reserves squad."

Sky Sports | Football | Premier League | News | Fergie rejects Rafa claim

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watched the interview on sky sports this morning......rafa just doesn't seem to get it. if your gonna critcise get your facts straight. also who is he to slag others off, the signings we have made over the last few years have generally been great and have often involved younger players of the future coming in who will learn the united way and eventually become great players.

all i see from rafa's spending is a lot or mediocre players arriving who just seem to add the the wage bill, despite the spine of the team...reina, carra,gerrard and torress being amazing he has augmented the rest of the squad with players not fit for the premier league or ones who are ordinary to say the least. in comparioson to some of his squad kuyt is actually one of his major successes.

he seems to mock others and make statements with little thought as to what he is saying, we are bringing in talent for the future not filling the premier league with crap
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