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Well, if Sir Alex rates Stam ahead of all the other quality defenders he's worked with, who are we to argue?

Over the years, United have been spoilt in terms of centre-backs. Ferdinand, Stam, Vidic, Bruce, Pallister, and then talking about Fergie, you have to take McLeish and Willie Miller into consideration, hes worked with many classy defenders.

I wouldn't really argue with Stam. During his peak years, he was almost unbeatable.

I remember when Ronaldinho was on his top form, when he was the best player in the World, AC Milan played Stam at RB to man-mark Ronaldinho and for about 65-70 mins Ronaldinho was marked out of the game. Then, Ronaldinho was moved to the right wing, Stam was kept at RB then Ronaldinho started to destroy Milan for the last 20 mins because he was released from Stam. And that was when Stam was about 33/34 years old.

He was an incredible defender, and theres no doubt in my mind he was one of the best ever.
1 - 1 of 34 Posts
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