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Fergie: Trophies decide greatness
By Mark Buckingham Last updated: 12th November 2007

Ferguson: Trophies must be won

Sir Alex Ferguson acknowledges the 'greatness' of his current Manchester United side will be measured by the number of trophies won.

In his programme notes for Sunday's 2-0 win over Blackburn Rovers, Ferguson revealed his belief that he now has the strongest squad of his 21-year reign.

Having signed Carlos Tevez, Owen Hargreaves, Anderson and Nani over the summer, the United boss believes his team have the potential to be great.

But Ferguson, who won the Treble in 1999, accepts that the honours mopped up, and the style in which the success is achieved, will determine where his present batch rank alongside his past sides.

More quality

"I think the potential is there," Ferguson told Sky Sports News.

"I think I've got a bigger squad, with more quality than I've had before.

"Winning is obviously important to that and, with great teams who win, it's what they win that puts them on a pedestal of greatness.

"This team has got to do that - every team does.

"If they're going to be measured in high esteem, not by me but by everyone outside Manchester United, it's going to be through the trophies they win and the way they do it."

He's knows that this team will not be considered great outside of Europe or perhaps England if they don't win a CL imho.....
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