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Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed that he will 'definitely' quit Manchester United if they win two more UEFA Champions League crowns.

Ferguson has already intimated that 2010 could be the year he opts to step down from the Old Trafford hot-seat.

Now Ferguson has confirmed that indeed, if United were to win three-in-a-row - that would be the signal for him to quit.

Ferguson has won 18 domestic trophies during his 23 years at United, but in that time he has landed just three European prizes - two European Cups and one Uefa Cup Winners' Cup.

And Ferguson admits he wants that statistic to improve.

"If there was one challenge I'd love the club to win more European trophies than they have done and I think I've made this point a few times over the years. I don't think we've won the number we should have won," he told CNN.

"I am 67 now. At the moment I am still healthy and enjoying my job. If that was different I would quit immediately.

"But winning a specific trophy does not come into it.

"There have been years when we've been unlucky and years we've been disappointed, and there've been years when we've thrown games away, and that sort of gives a kaleidoscope of what football's like.

"I would love this club to win more European trophies. We definitely should

have at least a couple more.

"But just by being in so many semi-finals and quarter-finals, it shows you how

hard it is to win.

"If we could win a couple more European trophies I then would definitely quit."

Speaking of the man who could replace him, with the likes of David Moyes, Jose Mourinho and Martin O'Neill strongly linked - he would only suggest that it would need to be someone with experience.

"I am glad it is not my decision," he continued.

"But whoever it is, it needs to be someone with experience.

"Manchester United is a massive club. The club I joined in 1986 is nothing like the one it is today."

He reiterated his liking for Inter Milan chief Mourinho, saying: "I like Jose Mourinho.

"He is a good guy and someone I get on very well with.

"But people forget how quickly the game changes. The job of a football manager is a pretty fragile one.

"You can be on the very top of the world and then after two defeats you are the worst team ever.

"Hopefully I will be here for another two or three years. Who knows what will have happened in that time.

"Thinking about Jose Mourinho or Arsene Wenger or whoever is going to be impossible."

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