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CROoney from Dubrovnik said:
how many of you have actually seen lahm this season... seriosuly, Bayern are faaar from convincing, and i can't remember anyone mentioning lahm as an important player in their matches...the only thing i see and hear when watching bayern's highlights this season is - "klose" and "toni" with a bit of "ribery" and "kahn has conceeded" once again...their defence is far from convincing...
i know when someone mentions lahm , the pitures of the last WC come to my mind..
i think it's same with you guys
I'll admit that the only time I've watched Bayern Munich this season is when they played Bolton in the UEFA Cup and they didn't play very well.

However, they are top of the Bundesliga, unbeaten at home, only lost once away and Lahm is part of a defence that has only conceded 8 goals in 17 games.

He must be doing ok this season?
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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