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Sir Alex Ferguson hopes the Football Association will change their rules to allow extra punishment to be handed out to players red-carded for serious foul play.

Ferguson fumed as Middlesbrough captain Emanuel Pogatetz lunged recklessly at his midfielder Rodrigo Possebon, a challenge for which he was red-carded.

Pogatetz's challenge came off the back of a similar incident which saw Danny Guthrie of Newcastle dismissed for his challenge on Hull's Craig Fagan.

In both cases there were calls for Pogatetz and Guthrie to have their automatic three-match bans extended - but that is not within the rules laid out by the FA.

But Ferguson wants things changing so that in retrospect, players could be banned for longer than just three-matches.

The Manchester United boss has confirmed that he has taken up with the issue with PFA chief Gordon Taylor and hopes the FA consider change the rule at the end of the season.

"I said to Gordon Taylor of the PFA that I don't think the suspensions are strong enough," he said.

"The FA should consider it at the end of the season and act on it.

"But I don't like doing things in the middle of the season because it looks like a knee-jerk reaction."

- Sky Sports

I think this is true.. our wingers always get man marked and got tackled so
hard.. Remember the UCL final when carvalho tackled cristiano? i thought his legs
was broken. Even when ballack pushes rio infront of our goalie area. Nowadays Refs are blind too!

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there definitely needs to be extra punishments for tackles
like pogatetz. he could of ended possebom's career and
he gets off with a three game ban. i think a fine should be
imposed and more suspended games.

Zense_United said:
Nowadays Refs are blind too!
i agree its getting bad.
this weekend there were 2 penalties that should not have been
penalties imo.

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ITs ok but then with the rare situation of Joey Barton,you cant get more malicious. To me he should have been banned for life,its not like it was a one off,he's always been a nut job.They bang on about this Respect The Game campaing,but let these 'role models' fly around knocking seven shades of wotsit out of each other.As much as it pains me, i think Cantona should have had a life ban too,no matter how much the fans wind them up! The fact is the FA are too wrapped up in punishing players for kissing the badge or removing their shirt in celebration to be bothered about the serious issues.It wont change anything as there will always be appeals and loop holes for the players and their lawyers to exploit.

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I absolutely agree with this. Punishments are not enough, and they should be extended. If you deliberately try to injure an opponent (Michael Ball, Ben Thatcher, etc) then you should be banned for a long time.

But one thing. Considering Roy Keane and some of his challenges, this is a bit rich coming from us to be brutally honest.

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Not only should they get stricter rules but they should also get some new non-english refs. Styles has proved before that he is not very accurate in his calls. Im guessing thats its because of the teams. I mean if you had to ref a united match im sure you would be a bit nervous and might make some one sided calls. If we get some referees that are some common reffs from little countries like Belgium then they would not feel any bias.
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