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Fergie fires City warning - Manchester United - Football - Sport - Manchester Evening News

"It is going to be a busy summer for them obviously," said the United manager. "A lot of clubs knowing that City have that money means there will be noughts added on to every player they go for.

"That is the hard part for Mark. He has to try and evaluate the players he wants at his values rather than the values put on them by the selling clubs. That is the difficult thing.

"It is also all about availability. Some clubs don't want to sell their players to anyone. We have had that situation ourselves where clubs don't want to sell us a player.

"That's fine. That is admirable from an ambition point of view from other clubs. But that is the difficulty you face. You could have a check list of players but it is reduced by 50 percent because clubs don't want to sell."

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very very true. whenever city is going to go get a player, clubs triple the value of the player(look at nigel de jong), and its going to make the transfer market unbalanced. further more, theres this economic crisis(though alot better now).
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