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Fergie's best signing??

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Who would everyone say is Fergie's best signing? And also best Transfer Bargain, I.E value for money?

Best Signing: Roy Keane

Best Transfer Bargain: Peter Schmeichel

Schmeichel was £530,000 and in 2000 Fergie describled it as the bargain of the century!
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For the Best Bargain i was stuck between Schmeichel and Ole
RichardsReds said:
Kleberson or Miller, maybe Cruff...

Maybe William Prunier LOL
carlyluvsunited said:
I still stick with Eric Cantona no matter what.

He is only player that anyone can compare to The Busby Babes...The best at Old Trafford for the last 50 years easily !!
The last 50 years i would have to Sir Bobby!
carlyluvsunited said:
Fergie signed him ? Been there longer than I thought - phewwwwwwwwww :p
You stated that Cantona was the best at O.T in 50 years, And i think it is Sir Bobby, I know Fergie didnt buy him i am just saying that the best in the last 50 Years is Sir Bobby.
Jazz 16 said:
I wrote this back in May and wasnt bothered writing it out again so here it is: Sorry about the length btw.
He has made lots of great signings and these are the most important ones in my opinion:
Ill start with the Pally/Bruce combination at the back. These guys were the foundation of the team in Fergies early successes. Big characters and big players for us.
Denis Irwin was mr.reliable for united. played over 500 games over 12 years and only cost £650,000. Bargain
Schmeichel is a united legend, arguably the greatest goalkeeper of all time. He only cost half a million which is nothing.
Giggs was obviously a great signing and the way Fergie robbed him from under Citys noses was genius.
In more recent times you cant look much further than rooney and ronny despite costing a lot. They could and should become united legends and are very important to our current team. Vidic is also a great signing. We needed a tough cookie at the back in the Bruce mould, which is exactly what he is.

And finally to his two best ever signings. Im finding it tough to seperate them but I would give second place to Cantona, At 1.2 million he was possibly the greatest bargain of the century. His name still reverberates around Old Trafford ten years on. This guy was a genius. He could make something out of nothing and win you a game in the blink of an eye.He is one of Uniteds best EVER players.

And to Fergies best ever signing. This accolade goes to Roy Keane, Uniteds most successful captain ever, arguably uniteds best captain ever. The way he determindly pushed his team forward and drove them on was the main reason behind uniteds success. When he was out injured for long periods Uniteds form slumped and that says it all. Perhaps not the flashiest or the most skilful player ever but he is up there with Best and Charlton and Man Uniteds best EVER player.
**CLAPS** Well said Jazz
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