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Fergie's Comments - False or True

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I read about many journalists today saying
Fergie must be reported to the FA for the
comments he makes about ref Webb yesterday.

Fergie says Howard Webb was biased toward
Arsenal - He did make some mistakes but
all refs do - surely !

Anyway - I personally think Fergie reactd in
the heat of the any manager
will if he loses points in 2 minutes of injury time !!

But is it right managers these days can get away with this ?

The linesman yesterday is the same guy Wenger
called "liar, liar, liar" last year !!


Yesterday he is calling him a true professional
because he was the only one to see the ball was
over the line for the Arsenal goal.

Two different views about the same linesman............

Is this treatment of officials by the managers fair - or not ?
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refs know what they are getting into when they train to become refs... it's been part and parcel of football for more than 100 years and long may it continue, i think bad decisions add to the game (as long as there in our favour) :0)

i thought the ref had a pretty decent game at the weekend.... i just think fergie was frustrated at losing 2 points in the final minute, we all know he never slags of his own players in public (even tho they was to blame) so he blamed the ref instead, the ref won't lose any sleep over it he can look back on his performance with a clear consience,

it's not like fergie slagged off his wife or kids, i mean cmon
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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