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Fergie: My favourite game wasn't either of our amazing European Cup wins but the day we came back to stun Spurs

Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed his most memorable game in 22 amazing years as Manchester United manager - and it isn't either of their famous European Cup triumphs of the last decade.

Ferguson, who celebrates his 22nd anniversary as United boss on Thursday, has instead gone for an extraordinary Premier League match at Tottenham in 2001.

United fell three goals behind to the Londoners seven years ago but stormed back after half-time with a performance that epitomised Ferguson's incredible era at the club.

Goals from Abdy Cole, Laurent Blanc, Ruud van Nistelrooy, Juan Veron and David Beckham saw United recover from 3-0 down to win 5-3 at White Hart Lane.

And Ferguson rates it as more memorable than their glorious European nights in Barcelona and Moscow.

'The one that sticks in my mind was when we were at Tottenham in September 2001 and were 3-0 down at half-time,' said Ferguson.

'But then we went on to beat them 5-3. It was such an amazing turaround, and the fans played their part too. It was a great game.'

Ferguson, who can win his 22nd major trophy in next month's World Club Championship in Japan, also said his proudest achievement was ending United's agonising wait for a league title.

United went 26 years without the title before they won the first Premier League in 1993.

And Ferguson told United fanzine Red News: 'The most satisfying achievement has to be wining the league for the first time. It was really the start of what we see today, although winning the European Cup was an amazing achievement.

United supporters will never tire of reliving the drama of their two stunning European Cup wins under Ferguson.

In 1999 they stunned Bayern Munich in Barcelona with two stopage time goals, and in 2008 broke Chelsea's hearts with victory in a memorable penalty shoot-out.

'Both European Cup wins were different, although the sudden impact of winning is what catches you,' said Ferguson. 'In that way, Barcelona and Moscow were the same.

'In Moscow I thought we were dead then John terry missed his penalty and I thought "We have a break here".

'In Barcelona, there were three minutes left and I was thinking "What am I going to say to the players?"

'Then we got two goals and we win,. I was stunned. the players were all over the pitch celebrating, I had to go and speak to the TV people so we were all split up and didn't get together until a while after the game.

'I remember walking into the dressing room but it was so quiet, so I just went for a walk around the corriors, just taking it all in.

'Moscow was different. It was so wet I think everyone was glad to get into the dressing room.

'Both occasions were different, but fantastic.'

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I have got to say it was one of the the best second halfs i have ever seen in my life , at half time we nearly walked out to go the pub and drown our sorrows , my mate said wait 15 minutes and if we are still cr#p we will leave.
The rest is history we absolutely killed them , veron in particular was superb and also sylvestre

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an unbelievable turn around i can still remember listening to the game in my house . i was lying on the setee with my head under the pillow and was convinced that fergie should retire and enjoy his life because it was going a bit backwards at utd , then we go and score five to win 5-3 away at spurs . i wanted fergie to stay forever and a day !another mad day in the football world.:D
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