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I was thinking the other day about these guys.

Fergie has been manager at Manchester United since I was 2 years old, lol.

For me and many of the people on here he is the only manager we have ever known !!!

Which really puts into perspective how long he has been around and how much he has achieved.

The most amazing thing was the Fergie's Fledglings arriving !!!

All from the youth team and not one of them cost a single penny !!!

"You can't win anything with kids" Fergie was told - 2 years later they did the 'treble' !!!


When Giggs, Scholes and G Neville retire - thats it.....the end of an era !!!

But this new squad isn't too bad really, lol.......

It's going to be Fergies 5th rebuild of his team and I think they are going to achieve greatness too...........


We are going to need a name for this bunch when the win everything their hearts desire.......

We've had "The Busby Babes"...........

We've had "Fergies Fledglings"..........

So come up with some names for these guys we have now......then we can inform Fergie of our decision and they can be officially given their new name :p

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Justice said:
Oh I see, Scholes Giggs Neville

The ones i mentioned can be Fergies Legacy, seeing as he might be gone by the time they become full stars of football...
Scholes, Giggs, Neville G, Neville P, Butt, Beckham......etc etc - all gone now, or going shortly

SAF will be round for a while - Mr Cantona seems to think he will die in the dug out - nothing is going to get him away from OT, lol
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