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Fergie's Tactics in Europe.

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Johnny Giles, an Irish football pundit, summed the match up perfectly when he said,

Lyon had the ambition to win the match but not the class, United had the class but not the ambition.

United went out and sat on their arses, Hargreaves (we might aswell have had Ivan Campo playing), and asking Paul Scholes, one of the most talented and creative midfielders the world has ever seen to play in a team with those tactics was a joke and an embarrassment to him. No movement from our players, no passion, no sign of the desire that we saw from the lads against Arsenal on Saturday.

Fergie sent out a 4-5-1 formation with the intention of preventing Lyon from scoring and just waiting for us to nip a goal or for Ronaldo or Rooney to do something special. In my opinion, against a team of Lyon's calibre or in fact any team, that is an embarrassment to the club and the competition.

I believe that the football should come before the result, especially in the case of United, who always play their best football when closing teams down and playing attacking football that has been the trademark of our illustrious club for decades.

Why didn't Fergie send out his team with the kind of passion and attacking football they displayed against Arsenal at the weekend, why did the team sit back and play square passes and constantly give the ball away until Lyon deservedly scored, and only then show some ambition to win the game.

I honestly believe we could have finished off the tie in Lyon on Wednesday night had it not been for Fergie and his, all I can think of is, "Benitez-style" tactics.

Our football and desire was an embarrassment to the fans who travelled to the match, to our traditional way of playing football and to the CL.

Afterall, we don't have the divine right to win at OT, why the hell were we playing for a draw?? It just amazes me. Where was the passion, where was the willingness to show even some ambition of winning the game, where was the team that chased and harried a terrified Arsenal team on Saturday.

Attack Europe Fergie, because you'll regret it if you don't, and if we have any more performances or display any more tactics like those that we did against Lyon on Wednesday night, we will be in for a big shock when we come up against some real competition.
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Keano4taoiseach said:
4-5-1 my bad ;) You knew what I meant!!!

I disagree Justice.

We should have played attacking football against Lyon and now the pressure if firmly on us to win at OT because we didn't.

Now at OT, as well as trying to win the game, we have to contain Beenzema and try and prevent giving away free-kicks in dangerous positions because of the threat from Juninho.
we've to deal with two players, they've to deal with: rooney, ronaldo, tevez, scholes, anderson... catch my drift!!

you are very right tho and i watched that match on rte and gilesy was correct in what he was sayin if we had begun the match with the attacking desire with which we ended it we would have won comfortably!

i think we're better away from home this year than i've ever seen us (basing this on group games) because we were a little more adventurous than usual!!
Keano4taoiseach said:
Yes, if we play well, we should win.

But how many times have we played teams off the pitch and lost.

e.g Man City away at the start of the season, we dominated for 90 minutes but couldn't score and they scored with their only chance of the game.

West Ham 95, we missed every chance, we dominated the game but we, or rather Andy Cole, just couldn't score.
results like that happen in football thats why its such a good game! that fa cup final against arsenal was another eg..

Lyon need to attack at old trafford and you've seen what we can do to teams on the break i'm very confident we'll win very comfortably! 2 or 3 goals at least!
I think this is more an issue of our tactics away from home in Europe cos we're generally pretty good at home!

We'll be thru to the quarters with ease chill beans lads!!
1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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