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Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed that he considered working abroad, but found the attraction of managing Manchester United too strong to relinquish.

Manchester United manager Sir Alex Ferguson, speaking ahead of his side's Premier League match against Fulham on Saturday, has admitted that he did consider working overseas.

The subject arose because in Roy Hodgson, recently installed as Fulham boss, Ferguson will be coming up against a manager who worked all over the world, whereas the Scot has been at Old Trafford for 21 years.

Hodgson is hoping his extensive global experience can help prevent Fulham, 19th in the Premier League, from being relegated.

Ferguson is an admirer of the Hidgson CV. He told "Roy Hodgson has done what a lot of us would love to have done and work abroad.

"I always remember Bobby Robson saying that the best thing he ever did was go to PSV, Sporting Lisbon, Porto and Barcelona.

"He was out of the country for maybe 10 or 12 years. Working in different climates with different cultures definitely broadens your education.

"I remember meeting Roy Hodgson in Malmo in 1987 when I had just joined Manchester United. Malmo were playing Ajax in the European Cup.

"Over the years he has gone to Inter Milan, Switzerland, Finland, Udinese, Blackburn etc... it's incredible all the teams that he has managed.

"You can see when he's interviewed he knows what he is talking about.

"Sometimes I used to say to myself 'I'd love to have tried managing abroad sometime' but then it was difficult for me.

"My choices were cut off simply because I was the manager of Manchester United which is amazing and you don't leave Manchester United."

All Hails Lord of The Ferg!! :cool: ;)

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Thank god he didnt!!! Anyway if there is one question i can ask him , i would love to know which one of the big teams be it in england or in europe will he be interested to manage if not manchester united. Imagine if he did go at that time, i cant imagine if we will get the success we did with him here.
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