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Sir Alex Ferguson has insisted he is prepared to go through the new season with his current squad of Manchester United players.

United opened their Premier League title defence in disappointing fashion at Old Trafford yesterday, held to a 1-1 draw by Newcastle.

With Carlos Tevez back home in Argentina following a family bereavement and Wayne Rooney some way short of full fitness, the Red Devils lacked a killer touch up front.

Injuries to Ryan Giggs and Michael Carrick hardly helped and with a massive list of absentees to contend with already, the result seemed to back up Ferguson's previously stated theory that he needs another forward.

But while attempts to sign Dimitar Berbatov will continue this week, the United boss has confirmed he would be happy sticking with what he has.

"If a new signing happens it happens," Ferguson told Key 103.

"The squad we had last season is good enough.

"Carlos Tevez will be back for the Portsmouth game next week. Anderson is due back from the Olympics by the time we play Liverpool and Chelsea and Wayne Rooney will be more effective for playing 90 minutes against Newcastle. If we have to go with what we have, we will do."

Ferguson seemed quite relaxed about the situation, even though United have already slipped a couple of points behind their main title rivals with just one match of the season gone.

Not that there is any major reason for concern, other than the fact United's Super Cup commitment in Monaco at the end of the month means they now face three successive away games, starting at Portsmouth next week before those crunch trips to Liverpool and Chelsea after the first international break.

"We have been handicapped by the fixture list but there are 37 games to go, so we have plenty of time," said Ferguson, whose team picked up only two points from their opening three games last season and still successfully defended their crown.

- Erm.... I'm not sure that's a very good idea Fergie.

Sir Alex is one of the best managers ever, but not adding to the squad could breed complacency. Sure we have a very good squad, but we desperately needed some cutting edge against Newcastle and without Nani, Anderson or Tevez we didn't have that.

And when you don't have that, having a player who can be at the right place at the right time can make a huge difference.

If Manucho were fighting fit and ready to play in the first team, I wold feel more confident, but he still an unknown quantity.

The Rooney - Tevez partnership is very good, but I just feel that we'll see the best of Rooney with a tall, strong centre-forward to play alongside with.

What do you guys n gals think?

Do you think the squad is good enough to retain the premier league and/or Champions League without any new additions?

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spellbound said:
I havent decided yet whether I think we should splash so much cash for a guy like Berbatov or if we should stay cool and give the kids a chance.

At the Newcastle game we created chances and if Campbell had put that in the back of the net instead at the head of Given things could have looked very different today. We could have been discussing whether our 6-0 win over a sorry Newcastle were more impressive then the Chelsea 4-0 win over Pompey were.

Fact is that we scored just one and only got one points with us from the season opener.

The squad is definitly good enough to compete at the highest level but we should stop being so co.cky and think winning everything is how it gonna be since we won an amazing double last season and won the league back the season before that.

With the squad we got today I think its pretty even with Chelsea about if we're going to get three in a row. We need a bit of luck with the players staying fit and stay away from long injury lay off and no silly red cards a la Nani. If we do that, we're up there fighting for the league title for sure.
Teams like ArsE and the fools are not at our level yet.

The Champions League is another story. To win you need a bit of luck and also to reach the peak form at the right time. 1999 and 2008...does that tell you something. You dont go out there winning the CL just like that. Besides that, have any team defended their Champions League title yet? And you need a fair share of luck proves that the fools won it. Have they been near winning the PL yet?

With Tevez back (hopefully in shape to play) and Rooney getting fitter for each game he's playing we have an awesome team. We dont have the dept to do a horrible rotation system but if we can keep our players at the pitch there's no team that is better then us. ( I wont comment on the midfield or defence since this was about buying a new striker).

And didnt Fergie say the club hope the work permit for Manucho will be done by the end of this month?
Oh we can talk about signing new players for other positions not just strikers.

Speaking of the CL, i was thinking that we might have had more success, if we had added more after '99.

We came close in 2002. If Becks had not been injured we might have won against Leverkusen and gone on to to the finals, but we were disappointing in the years directly after the treble .

I agree that we created chances and it would have been a different scenario if Campbell had scored.

A lot depends on how good Manucho really is. If he really is premier league quality, we might not need another striker, but it's a gamble.

The transfer window is closing soon.

What players would you sign other than a striker?

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Boomhauer50 said:
if we dont get a striker im off to a monastery to become a monk because i could not watch another performance like that against newcastle, compared to those chelsea ....... and their obliteration of pompy, a monks life cant be 2 bad.
Bye bye Fryer Boomhauer! :)

I definitely agree we need to get someone who can change a game.

Anderson and Nani are such players, but both weren't on the pitch.

A stiker alone can't always make the difference. I saw the last 20 minutes of the Boro-Spurs game and Berba couldn't make the difference alone either.

But with the players we have and the service he'll get he might have been able to make a difference.

I think it's more important to add quality player to create competition...

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TheManc said:
We definately need a striker. No matter what anyone says Campbell can not be relied upon. If it comes to the Semi Final time in the CL and Rooney and Tevez are out does anyone honestly think Fergie would put Campbell in?

Obviousy Berbatov is the one who is expected to come and I think he'll be a great player for us. He's definately my first choice, but I'm starting to consider Sana Cruz a bit higher for some reason. He would be a great signing as he would accept playing on the bench.

If we don't get a striker then I don't think we'll win the league. We've got a really tough fixture list this season we need to be fully prepared. We were lucky in a sense that Rooney and Tevez didn't get injured at the same time otherwise we'd hvae been screwed.

Santa Cruz would definitely have the qualities we need and would be understanding if placed on the bench. It's too bad that his value has shot up to 15million, which I find excessive.

For a bit more we could afford Huntelaar though, who I find more exciting and a better prospect.

Your right about the question of how much Fergie will rely on Campbell, he'll get games, but let's face it - he isn't ready for the big games yet.

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spellbound said:
Yes, wating this long without having a new players signature on the contract is gambling.

I havent really names to give you but I can say positions I see we have a weekness if something happens to our first pick.

Goal keeper: van der Sar could keep up the good work for another season or so. He's just retired form International football so this gives him a chance to get a rest during the Int. breaks. Behind him Im not convinced we have a Champions League winning goal keeper. Both Tomasz and Ben is talanted but are they top-notch?

Fullbacks: Besides Evra I have doubts. Right side looks as the weak side. Wes or Gary? I dont know. Keeping Owen there is a waste I think even if he did some impressive games coming from behind at the right wing. I think its asking too much of Rafa and Fab to get in there and deliver just yet. The back up set of Silvestre and O'Shea feels not just up there at the top. One odd game yes but what if Evra gets a two month injury in late February or March when we play knockout games in CL and have crucial games in PL? :confused:

And a playmaker at the midfield: Ive been thinking Anderson will be that one I have been wanting for a long time when I saw him last season. But during the Olympics I start to doubt that. I think he's more of an attacking player like Ronaldo then the guy with the touch. ..........

So a playmaker is what I would like to see. I can see how guys like Rooney, Tevez and Ronaldo can benefit from having one setting up the play and serving you assists for those three to finish off.

This is just my way of imagining the club to reach the next level.
I agree on the first two positions.

It is unfortunate that Ben Foster was injured last season. He would have had more games and we would have had a chance to see, if he can be top notch.
I have to say though that he looked very good while on loan at Watford.

Still, he's not a Buffon, Casillas or Cech .......yet.

But if you were Fergie would you really go out and buyer a keeper when you have VDS still able to play and Foster potentially a very good keeper?

Next, Fullbacks.

It will be very interesting to see if Gary can get back to his best. If he can, I'd have him in the starting 11 ahead of Brown. If both are out Hargreaves will be a very good replacement, so I'm not bothered about the right side at all.

I am, however, very concerned about the left back position.

To me, Silvestre merely represents good cover for a few games and you;re right, I would want him to take up that position for any lengthy period of time.

I'm not concerned abut a playmaker though.

I think Anderson will be brilliant. Let's not judge him on the Olumpics shall we?
He can be very, very good.
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