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There's been a few stories in the newspapers about Hargo getting sold in January/May

Hargreaves is enduring another injury-troubled campaign. Sir Alex Ferguson has quashed rumours that Manchester United want to sell injury-hit midfielder Owen Hargreaves.

The England star has been sidelined by tendinitis for long periods since arriving at Old Trafford from Bayern Munich last year in an £18m deal.

"For Owen's sake it is important we say he is not for sale," said Ferguson. "It is not even under consideration."

Hargreaves, 27, has played in just two games so far this season and is nowhere near being ready to return to action.

Ferguson said: "It is a good story, the fact he has been injured a few times since he has been at the club.

"But United people remember what a contribution he made to us winning the European Cup [last season].

"He was available in the second half of the season and played some important games for us."

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I didn't really belive it, I had my own thoughts, but if it was as bad as Saha, he would have gone, but these are just a few times. When he gets fit, we shall hope he stays fit. Remember the goal against Arsenal? That made us win the Prem if you think about it.
He is loyal and I am pretty sure Ferguson will keep his vow.
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