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Fergy and Berba are Geniuses

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Looking back at last season in the second half when we were grinding result, i mean not just getting last minute winners but scrapping real hard to get the ball closer towards the box was real frustrating.

But this season, ok we hav had scrappy results but not as many as last season and we are just past half way. I always said that we need a box player, but i never objected the berba move and i think a lot of people can see why.

The wasy berba kind of plays that free role position between the last attacker and midfileder has opened up the middle of the last third of the park. I remeber alst season teams would conjest that area. Now berba kind of roams arround making his marker or pulling his marker away from the center of the pitch. But its not just about that, berba is amazing at linking midfield and attack. One touvh through pass to the attacker or wingers which is why berba is a genius at doing. Last season we had rooney or tevez getting into good positions but they didnt have the ability to get that quick one touch pass. But berba is wat we needed to puch that atticking much more quicker and you can see that te flow of the attacking wether the pass is conjested berba will make the ball move forward rather than backwards all the time.

Even like the everton game today berba was a lot more quite but he puuls the midfield apart from wen he slips into great postions, and the marker even wen tight on berba will allow more space through the middle.

i know its not mcuh to look at but its great to watch berbas movement and see how much of the pitch he opens up.

No wonder fergy (not gery) wanted him. GREAT SIGNING.

Oh yeah berba works a lot more which makes it even asier for united.
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