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Stephen said:
I thought this was going to be renamed to the Marc Vivien-Foe cup?.

What does this trophy mean?
To be honest, I don't know. Every national team which won the continental trophy and the host nation can take part in this tournament. It's a little World Cup. :p

NateR said:
Spain or Brazil will win it.
These are also my favourites and maybe Italy.

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Because I'm DC said:
So, it could potentially be the United States vs. Iraq?
Lmfao, damn that's a good observation!

How stacked is group B?!?!

The USA would be in a dogfight against Egypt, maybe barely scraping a win. Totally outclassed by the Brazilians, and could (like always of late) draw the Italians.

Whereas put that same bunch of Americans in Group A and would wipe the floor with everyone sans España.

And come to think of it, we were Spain's last game pre-Euro '08 and they scraped a 1-0 win against us!
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