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Now, why do you care? Now the answer is probably I don't, but I do because Hawick is where I come from and where I live, so I'm going to tell you anyway :p

On the Fifa Website, Hawick has been named as a major city of Scotland.

FIFA said:]

General Information

FIFA Trigramme: SCO
Country: Scotland
Country (official name): Scotland
Continent: Europe
Capital: Edinburgh
Major cities: Glasgow, Aberdeen, Hawick, Dumfries, Perth, Dundee
Currency: British pound
Official languages: English, Scots, Gaelic
Motto: No one provokes me with impunity (Nemo me impune lacessit).
Now, you are probably thinking several things.

Wheres Hawick?

Well, Hawick is in the South East of Scotland, roughly an hour and a half from Edinburgh.

Why is Hawick classed as a major city?

Well, thats a good question, and one I don't have the answer too. Hawick has an estimated population of 16,000 people. It doesn't have a football club in the Scottish Football League. No players or managers from Hawick have "made it." There isn't decent sports facilities at all, no academies, stadiums or anything of that sort.

The only thing that Hawick can claim to be was the "Home of Cashmere" although even that claim has faded. There is a rugby team in the Top Division, and they have never been relegated from it since its creation in 1973, winning the tournament 13 times. However, I don't think this warrants a place as a major city in Fifa terms.

But yet, places such as Stirling and Inverness, which are 3 times bigger and do have clubs in the football League, have been ignored, as well as a place like Motherwell who, for this season, are playing in the UEFA Cup have been completely ignored.

It may raise Hawicks profile slightly, but I honestly don't think it will have that much of an effect.

I actually think this is quite a strange decision by Fifa, and I'm not really sure why they've done it.

Just thought I'd share my views on my hometown :p

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Jazz 16 said:
You should be happy to be recognised as a major city
but you were right in what you said at the start.... I dont really care
:p :D

I just find it funny actually, and I suppose its a good thing.

But if Fifa consider us a major city, I think they should try again... ;) :p
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