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leave time to que up and get to my seat well before KO (im travelling from liverpool)
It's unlikely you'll have to queue to get through the turnstile if you arrive quarter of an hour or more before kick off. Even if you do have to queue there'll probably only be a couple of people in front of you. If you're borrowing a season ticket card from someone just wave it in front of the scanner to get through the turnstile. If it's an actual ticket it'll have a barcode on it which you have to insert in the scanner to get through the turnstile.

If you want to get a match programme, food or a drink inside the stadium get there a bit earlier though because you will have to queue for this and close to kick off the queues can be very long.

The turnstiles, blocks, rows and seats are well marked but if you have any trouble finding your seat just ask a steward. They're usually very helpful.

If you're sat above the tunnel I guess that means you're in the family area of the Stretford End. The atmosphere should be good but I've never been in the family area. I would guess that the stewards won't like you standing or swearing in this area. Perhaps someone who has sat there can share their experiences.

Most importantly, enjoy the game! :thumbsup:
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