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So you only go to have a "look at me" momento to take home and show all your friends? :confused: ;)
lol, no i went because i have never had the chance to before and i have always wanted to, i did infact leave my professional body camera at home as i wanted to watch the match rather than view it through a view finder!

Well what a day, such an awesome time, i still smiling now! i popped into the bishops blaze for a quick pint, didnt really know what to expect but the place was bouncing and really enjoyed it in there! the atmosphere imo was awesome but in all fairness i really haven't got anything to compare it to, my voice is nearly gone from all the singing, as i knew a few of the songs and picked up on a few others, oh and the 5 goals didnt help my voice!!

unfortunately all the goals where at the opposite end of the ground, but still saw enough of everything to know what happened

NEED to go again this year and lots more next year!!!! hopefully sat in the stretford end as there seemed the most intense!!

you have tickets for sale let me know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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