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Who remembers it?
I had mine yesterday, for the Bolton match. I am so glad i spent the last of my change on a trip to Old Trafford.

As some of you may have read earlier the coach from jn 14 was cancelled. We (me & mate) ended up going with this season ticket holder, a private fan group secretary, in his car. Me and jameo were taking the piss, laughing if he comes in a vectra or even worse a micra. Standing outside in the cold at meeting point we were dreading this moment. a 2nhalf hour drive to Manchester in a brass car was not top of our agenda.
Exactly at half past 2 the dude puilled up. In a FRESH 56 plate Gangsta Merc... 350 CLS. Safe as **** the dude was. Me and W just looked at each other, came out with the same reaction. "NO WAAAY!!!" HAHA!! We're going to Old Trafford in a Fresh 56plate Merc!!! lol

Got inside and the dude was safe to ****. Minted as hell, you could tell by the topic he was discussing on his mobile frequently and about the topics he was chatting to the main passenger about (some craig chap). Minted isn't the word "i wana put down a nice tidy sum of money, acquire a piece of land and sit on it. no maintenence, no costs no nothing. Sell it in a few years time for a healthy profit. House prices are going down but the value of land is going up." That's the paradox to make money ;).

"yeah boys, alright! Sorry about the timing, and i hope you don't mind driving fast! lol.
BOOOTED IT all the way up to mancs, it took me and J a few mins to get over the fact we werte in one of the freshest mercs going old trafford with cristiano Ronaldo 1 goal away from matching george best's record for most goals scored by a midfielder in a season.

got up there in excellent and in the smoothest way possible

got there for 5pm, plan was to met up again as soon as possible after the match in the parked car location. Live. No time wasting around here mate. got there in urgent need of a piss, too long to the bishop so hid behind this 'hut' structure to do one. got most of my wee wee out till i saw the 'other 2' i..e driver and his mate come into sight.. shame. zipped up and chipped over to the bishop. showed our tickert and got let in, only after the ****ty asian looking doorman gave me an iffy look and asked me to take my caps off.
dick. put it back on as soon as i got inside anyway lol.

got hammered. felt prang when i got insdie the bishop at first, (kinda realised am the only asian bloke inside there lol). but was more than comfortable after a few guiness/stella; started a good old sing song and got wel mixed up with the crowd
match time
2 guiness
2 stella
2 becks later[they need becks on the tap...]
popped a sweetie
sat down in THE FUCING STRETFORD END!!!! How bad is that. The poor lad at the bishop who i got chatting to over a *** had to wait 3 yrs to get in the stretford end. I felt selfish, greedy but loved every second of it. :cool:

had a great view, started singing a few of my home made chants
called Bolton "PUTNEY FOOT!!!"[story behind it lol; putney = school kid who used to blast the ball everywhere, except the target] and started explaining to the geezer next to me who "putney" was. lol

Camera took a view over my way, i did a rasperry and my chewinggum came out of my mouth :p
fell out onto the hood of the unknowing chap in front of me. lol
everyone around me started laughing at me and my antics. lol. ne'er the less without hesitation i picked it off of his hood and continued too chew it :$ lol

match started
continued singing, and boy did my throat hurt by the end of the match. (i think my voice is broken again now lol) :D

ronaldo scored a cracker of a first goal, well cleaned up after a bolton mess.

Second free kick i visioned before hadn though. Exactly the same as vs david james fashion the ball went over the defence into the net of the unsuspecting keeper. lol
boy did i cheer when ronaldo scored
i was the first to pick up during the match that Ronado had just beaten Best's record of 40years.. well, i brought the topic up anyway. Me and my mate James rekon Ronaldo can get up to 30league goals this season plus an extra 3-5goals in the UCL. taking his total up to the 40(ish) mark. And who was the last person to score 40 man utd goals in a single season? Ruud Van who? [joke].

Overall it was a great night. My first trip to Old Trafford has to be one of the greatest ever. Roll up there in a fat mercedes, charge up after smoking a doobie, had a nice breakfast. got there, few beers
went to lou macarris fish and chips (i had a fatr chips craving for a week or so now., what better place to end the craving than at Old Trafford during the pre game drinks? lol. Ronaldo stellar performance in one of his few outing as captain. witnessing history in the making after breaking a 40 year old record. Dudes..

I should go more often. I'm good luck for Manchester UNited (H)
can someone give me the money for a season ticket pls? i can prob get one in the stretford end. lol

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I think everyone remember's their first trip to OT, and I'm sure yo will be no different. Great to know you enjoyed yourself, always good to have someone inside the ground that really adds to the noise levels. Good on ya for having a good time and hope you can get back to another game soon.
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