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Five men have been arrested in connection with alleged corruption in football, police have said.
City of London Police said the men - aged 69, 60, 55, 48 and 30 - were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to defraud and false accounting.

Portsmouth football club said manager Harry Redknapp and chief executive Peter Storrie were among those held.

The arrests were part of the force's ongoing investigation into corruption within the game, a spokeswoman said.

Two searches are still under way and 10 others have been concluded at locations across the country.

Detectives from the economic crime unit of the City of London Police are investigating allegations of corruption within football and its impact on owners and shareholders.

In July, officers raided Newcastle United, Portsmouth and Rangers football clubs as part of the inquiry.


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Harry Redknapp has declared his innocence...

Portsmouth manager Harry Redknapp has said he was "bitterly disappointed" at the way police have handled an inquiry into alleged corruption in football.

He was "deeply upset" that his home was raided at 0600 with press photographers in tow, when the allegations had "nothing whatsoever to do with me".

Mr Redknapp told a press conference that his wife had been "petrified" during the raid, which took place while he was away from home at a Champions League match in Germany.

He added that he was at a loss to explain why he had been treated in this manner when the inquiry appeared to focus on payments made by an agent to a player.

The Portsmouth manager told reporters: "What an agent does with his player has nothing to do with me.

"I still feel I was only called in because I have a high profile. I add a bit of a profile to the investigation."

He added that he had called in his players for a meeting, and been "completely open" with them about the allegations.

"All the players wanted the agent's telephone number because they had never heard of an agent before who'd want to give a player any money," he joked. :D

But he said his family were "deeply heartbroken by the situation" and asked "why it had to be brought into the public domain when I wasn't involved in any part of it".

Good ol' 'Arry - the dodgy Cockney geezer :D
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