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reddwarf said:
Is it Arsenal's loss or Flamini's though?

AC Milan failed to qualify for the Champions League yesterday after Fiorentina won to deny them 4th place.

It'll be interesting to see if the likes of Kaka and Pato will be happy playing UEFA Cup football next season.

Good point.

Flamini was part of a team which to me would have been real title challengers in a
year or two.

Now the squad is falling apart.

Lehmann, Flamini, Hleb gone, Gallas crying in matches, Adebayore supposedly on
the way out and Fabregas not what he used to be.

And, AC Milan aren't in any great nick themselves. If we had been better
prepared last season we would have beaten them over the two legs.

I've got the feeling that we won't be hearing the name Flamini a lot now.

I would be very very concerned if I was an Arsenal supporter. All the above and
no trophies! Wenger being questioned.......:rolleyes:
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