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Fletcher a target for Everton

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The 24-year-old Scottish midfielder is on Goodison boss David Moyes' wish list and is hoping Fletcher has grown tired of his squad role at Old Trafford.

A couple of injuries last term didn't help the Edinburgh-born player and he was nudged down the engine-room pecking order by the arrival and success of £18m Brazilian Anderson.

Fletcher managed just 11 starts and 12 substitute appearances in the double-winning campaign one of his poorer returns during his senior career.

He was an unused substitute in the Champions League Final but Sir Alex Ferguson remains a staunch ally of the Scot.

However, Everton are emerging as a strong outfit again and fellow Scot Moyes is an admirer of Fletcher's industry and big-game pedigree.

Fletcher will have taken notice of Phil Neville's success at Goodison since moving to Merseyside from Old Trafford in 2005.

He was in a similar fringe player predicament at the Reds but is now the Everton captain.

Fletcher signed a United contract extension in 2005 that takes him to the end of next season.

John O'Shea signed a similar agreement on the same day but agreed a new deal in the middle of last season. Fletcher has yet to be invited around the negotiating table.
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fletcher is a top player and i want him to stay at OT next season which most likely he does.. its like ferguson said.. flecther comes out big in 'big' matches and we need him coming off the bench..
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the repoted £4m is way under what we would let the boy go for, Fergie values him high he said so just the other day.
He would probbaly go for 10 mil, considering he is a big game player and he made a big impact in the few games that he played
Fletch is going nowhere. He is fergie's love child.

FAO people with the massive sigs in this thread-
Can you make them smaller please cos they just take up the whole page.
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Jazz 16 said:
Fletch is going nowhere. He is fergie's love child.

FAO people with the massive sigs in this thread-
Can you make them smaller please cos they just take up the whole page.
No bigger than my sig for example.
I agree ffs.

It's easy to say that he's needed in the squad and that Sir Alex loves him, but why wouldn't Fletcher look twice when offered the chance to get the pitch time he deserves?

Phil Neville was hardly an esteemed member of the United squad, and look what he's done for himself at Everton. Of course Fletcher will consider his options. Not to mention he's only paid around £25k a week apparently. Any other club could beat that for him.

I like Darren Fletcher a lot. He and John O'Shea are more important to United that many people realise. The quality of our 'fringe' players is the difference between United and the other big clubs. I just hope United will up his cheque and promise him a real future before it's too late.
I would be a bit disappointed if he left.

I'm a big fan of his and he is a great squad player. We need players like Fletcher, O'Shea and Park in the squad.

And tbh, £4m is a bit low.

PS - Would people stop calling Fletch "Fergie's love-child." I find it quite disrespectful tbh. :rolleyes:
fletcher has to stay he`s a great squad player and when called upon he delivers the goods more often than not. im not a massive fan of his but he does a decent job.
one big factor in our success is the strength of squad player we have , although i would get rid of park i know he works his socks off when he plays i just dont rate him.
What I can't quite understand about Darren Fletcher is why he seems to be only able to play to the best of his ability against the top sides. Some of his performances against lesser opposition could only be best described as abysmal . It's like he is playing for his future when he gets a chance against the bigger sides . Plays well , gets all the applause and then next game he suddenly reverts back to his usual self.
For me Fletcher falls into the dead wood catagory . I would let him go if I were Fergie so long as the money is right . We look fairly well covered for all positions in midfield .
Personally I dont see him making any significant contribution to the team. Also he looks like he could do with a good feed , much to light to command any fear in the midfield role . No I say sell him .
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I like him alot, his work rate and energy levels are fantastic sometimes, and he seems quite passionate about Utd, and wants to do well for the club and for Fergie.

Hopefully he stays, but there will be limited opportunities next year.
He'll stay... I'd be shocked if we let him go... He was on the bench in the final over Park. That's a sign how much Fergie thinks of him.
RichardsReds said:
He'll stay... I'd be shocked if we let him go... He was on the bench in the final over Park. That's a sign how much Fergie thinks of him.
It is, but not in the way you probably see it. Judging from his pre-match comments, he obviously was banking on being a sub late in the game. He must have been quite gutted to just have watched the first half, second half, extra time and then the penalties sitting with his lumo bib on the bench.
Fletcher dismisses Everton talk
Midfielder focusing on Man Utd

By Lewis Rutledge Last updated: 11th July 2008
Better Odds for Bigger WIns on Multiples

Darren Fletcher has insisted he is staying focused on Manchester United amid reports linking him with a move to Everton.

Speculation has suggested that David Moyes wants to bring the midfielder to Goodison Park.

The Scotland international does not know whether there is any truth in the transfer talk but is not even paying it much attention.

"You just learn to deal with that as your time progresses here," Fletcher told MUTV.

"The most important thing is you're focused on Manchester United. Unless someone tells you otherwise, that's what you do."

Fletcher made just 24 appearances for United last season and he accepts that competition for places will be as fierce as ever when the new campaign gets underway.

But the 24-year-old is confident that he can establish himself as more of a regular in the side.

"To play in more matches than last season, that's obviously the target each season," he said.

"You do your bit, you're patient and you've got to wait for your chance. I'll be ready to take my chance when it comes and I'll hopeful play a few more matches.

"I don't think much needs to change but fresh faces are always good.

"Competition for places is always going to be there at Manchester United. It's something you've got to rise to."

from skysports.
some good news , about time!
useful player, has at least one game a season where he turns in a world class performance :cool:
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Fletcher in my opinion has the ability that park and tevez bring everyday, hustle!
He made his mark last year by bring high pressure and cause good turnovers.We really need him to stay. When we blew aresnail out of the FA cup , fletcher was everywhere on that field.
Fletcher Is My Homie. We were BLOODs back in '93
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