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somerfields_best_customer said:
whenever you speak to the majority of the supporters all they say is " fletcher crap , o'shea crap".why do people do that. whenever they play they preform equal to and better than some manchester united players.people should stop singling them out because we play as a team,we win together and lose together.O and why the **** does no one think to sing evras name more than anyone elses that lad is ******* quality.

Even though football is a team sport, individual mistakes or poor performances can cost a team points.

In the case of Darren Fletcher, he always tries his best and sometimes even comes up with a match-winner, but on a lot of occasions his talent has simply not been good enough. He doesn't have a very good touch, his passes very often don't find their target, he's not quick be prem standards and his crosses are quite average too. So really, all he brings to the team is industry, but look at our main rivals, Chelsea and all of their midfielders are easily better than Darren Fletcher.

Also, your opening statement is not necessarily true. Fletcher outperforms his team mates a few times a season, but otherwise he is very, very average and if he were not one of Fergie's favourites, he would have been long gone.

Out of interest, which games has he outperformed his team mates in?
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