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Fletcher-Want him to Stay or Go?

  • Keep Him-Squad players are important and he can still do a job

    Votes: 92 78.6%
  • Let him Leave-For his own good. He isnt good enough for United

    Votes: 25 21.4%
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Fletcher has the fans divided. Some love him and thinks he can do the
job when called on and others say he isnt good enough to play for United.

Pique has come out and spoken about Fletcher saying he should move to Everton.

Fletcher has endured a similar experience as he has failed to install himself as a
first-choice midfielder at the Premier League champions, and now Pique thinks it
could be in the 24-year-old Scotland international’s best interests to follow his
example and move on.

So.....should Fletch stay? Do you want him to stay?
What does he offer us?

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marty davidson said:
he his not going to get 1st team football
but when ever he plays he shines :rolleyes:
he is Scotland captain :rolleyes:
he have been chosen to captin his country instead if many bright names like boyd and barry ferguson
cuz fletch have a great character and got one the best attitudes in his team
GOD! our fans have been disloyal to our loyal players

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i like him, great character and personality and always turns up for the games that matter, run all day for United if he had too. But if we were to sell i wouldnt be crying myself to sleep, i'd really fancy the prospect of signing Wilson Palacios to replace him aswell ... just a thought but if Fletch fancy's a move we cant hold him back really, like i said i think Palacios would be an excellent replacement and he's a player with a lot of potential aswell. :)

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I, on the other hand, hope he goes.

  • He will get regular first team football
  • He is not united quality
  • His departure will open a spot for a youngster to fill
  • We could use the money from his departure to help fund our bid for a top striker... not that we desperately need the money.... but it would help
  • He is a loyal player, who loves United, but even with all his improvement, he is still just a mediocre player

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He is definately talented enough to be a member of our squad,
but for the sake of himself and our other young players he should move on next summer at the latest.
He has done well for us, particularly in the big games, but at his age he should be playing regularly, I mean what is he, 25?.

One thing I've noticed about Fletcher is his performances depend on the opposition.
There have been lots of times over the years where he has played a team like Charlton, Bolton etc, (basically mid table teams)
and he has looked fairly poor, but then when he's up against the the Fabregas' of this world he raises his game severl levels, but in order for him to remain a UTD player he needs to not only play well vs the big teams, but also dominate the 'smaller' teams.

I don't think its a question of "is he good enough for United",
for me its more of a "should he go to free up space for the youngsters to get there chance" type question because he is definately talented enough to be a squad player here.

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He not be as famous, skillful and sometimes arrogant like the other United players, but I think the club needs someone who can play when called upon and step up to the challenge (remember his goals against Chelsea and Arsenal in the FA Cup?) plus his attitude (I remember him giving high-fives to fans when United won the Euro Double, whilst others chose to took a bite at their medals. That was, value-wise, is a classic. Even Sir Bobby would applaud him for that).

Skill-wise, he may not be United quality, but I'm really hoping that he'll step up his game so the whiners and le sulkers will keep their mouths shut and let him play. He may not be Anderson, Hargreaves, Nani, Ronaldo, Scholes or even Park, but he is always up there for me to do the job and play his heart out for the game. Again, he does not have an attitude. Maybe he does, but do the people really care?


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I like Fletcher who is definitely more likeable than somebody we all know. He is an unassuming, down to earth, honest, loyal and hardworking lad who has stated his intent to stay to fight for his place.

Unfortunately, I like him more for his personality than his football though. And we do need to draw a line to separate issues.

Yes, he is a valued squad player that we need and is usually dependable whenever he is called upon. However, just like other squad players we have and despite his heroics for Scotland, I can't honestly forsee him ever elevating himself to displace any of our first team regulars, a fact I think we all have to learn to accept after all these years. Some are just not cut out to be first team regulars for the great Manchester United and most probably never will. I mean, do you honestly expect him to overtake Anderson, Carrick and Hargreaves even if Scholes retires for good?

Thus, to think on the bigger picture and for our future, I would prefer our youngsters to be given the opportunity to at least compete with these squad players for a shot at first-team breakthrough. I am beginning to suspect that our youngsters are unable to break through the ranks and eventually sold one by one because these squad players have automatically excluded them for contention.

Now don't get me wrong. I am not understating the squad players' value to us. I agree they play as important a role as our regulars for a long-drawn season. As I mentioned in the other thread, if they can't displace the regulars for either a genuine lack of class or ability (we can't say they had no opportunities after all these years), why not let some select few youngsters at least a chance to do what they could not? That was how Gary usurped Parker's slot and never gave back since. Who knew then that a young Gary would have been the best right back for England for years to come?

Furthermore, to be fair to Fletcher, I do think he can walk into the first team of most of the others and does deserve first team football on a regular basis. But not at United.

If he wants to leave, we should let him go and give him our full blessings and gratitude for his loyal services.

If he wants to stay, he should have to compete with our upcoming youngsters eg Possebon for a squad member's slot.

Only such a system would at least give our promising youngsters a realistic chance to break through the ranks and maybe even displacing some current regulars.

Think it would then truly auger well for our youth development to ensure continuity that does not just depend on big ticket purchases.

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ive always supported fletch, i was the one who started the support fletcher club on the old talkreds forum, so i say keep him.

he works hard give 100%
can play in many roles CM, RM, DM
is and will be an important TEAM member for this season and im sure seasons to come.
sure hes not got what other united players have got but hes sure got a good footballing brain and he rarely makes stupid mistakes.

so go fletch :D

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I think he should stay. He always gives everything what is in his power, he fights for the club and he is a real team player, hardworking too ... Also he had a few pretty good games like that against Arsenal in FA cup last season.
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