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Fletcher-Want him to Stay or Go?

  • Keep Him-Squad players are important and he can still do a job

    Votes: 92 78.6%
  • Let him Leave-For his own good. He isnt good enough for United

    Votes: 25 21.4%
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Keep Fletch.

While he might not be a world beater he is certainly a good squad player for us. Players like Fletch, O'Shea, Park etc. are all needed because they are good for the depth of our squad.

Fletch can play right and centre midfield, as well as fill in at right back. He's always got a tremendous amount of energy that he brings to the team whenever he is called upon. He's the type of player that will not give up and will run for 90 minutes and give his all.

He always seems to turn up for the big games and isn't phased by big name oponents. He also seems to me the type of player you can just throw into a game even if he hasn't played for a while and he will give you a good game.

He's not the most skillful or technically gifted player to pull on a United shirt, but his work rate and attutide to being a United player make him a good squad player in my view. I think it will be up to Darren if he wants to move on and play regular first team football week in week out, or stay at United and be prepared to play in some games but have to sit others out.
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