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Fletcher-Want him to Stay or Go?

  • Keep Him-Squad players are important and he can still do a job

    Votes: 92 78.6%
  • Let him Leave-For his own good. He isnt good enough for United

    Votes: 25 21.4%
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I am surprised this is even being asked. Okay, maybe Fletcher isn't exactly going to dazzle you with his sharp footwork or his goal scoring prowess but he does play a very important role in the team. Squad players are vital to all teams and Manchester United is no different. We need squad players to step up when we are going through a mini-injury crisis and Fletch isn't half as bad as most people make him out to be. I had my doubts about him too but after watching some of his performances last season when he had to set up in midfield changed my mind. Most notably, his performance against Arsenal in the FA Cup game was simply superb, he even chipped in with 2 goals and was excellent in midfield, winning the ball back and running tirelessly.
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