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Some football fans say this sport should be taken with a pinch of salt. Their team’s situation in the moment does not affect them personally at all. They have a look at the last pages of the paper to update themselves with their team’s news, and everything stops there. They slate the players` high wages and declare that football back then was far better than the present one.

The truth is that out there you’d find many whom football has become part of their lifestyle. It’s a passion, which they carry throughout their whole lives. It affects their moods and emotions, and also the communication between the people around them. They’re on top of the world when their team wins, the same ones who can’t bear their team losing. They admit that it is an obsession, for some an even unhealthy one.

From the economy point of view, football has been taken more serious these last years. New stadiums have been built and improved, all armed with different facilities both for the players themselves and fans. Most English clubs are owned by the richest men in the world of business, football is facing some drastic takeovers. TV channels offering thousands to obtain and secure the matches rights. Clubs are offering millions for the service of particular players, even though they might not be worth all that money. Apart from that, the wages has increased drastically, and in some situations you start to question what those players out there are playing for. I can’t forget the media either, making up speculations and rumors about certain clubs and players.

I say that football deserves everything of this, just mention something in this world which hasn’t got anything to do with big money. It only becomes wrong when all of this fades the beautiful game itself, that which is played on the pitch. That is the proper game, everything else is just a part of it and its shameful how it can interfere with the game itself.

Commitment and loyalty in the players have been found to be decreasing day by day as players are facing offers which include big amounts of money. Would do no harm by mentioning some examples: Robinho had to be reminded that he actually signed for Manchester City when in an interview upon his arrival at City, he accidentally said that Chelsea had made him a great offer. He only joined City because he knew that it would be difficult to have his way back at Real Madrid after what was said. Or else Ronaldo, and the never ending speculations regarding his ambition to move to Real Madrid.

It’s impossible not to take football on higher steps throughout the years with the way the world has been changing and evolving. But I think its time to set some limits, and start treating this game how it’s supposed to be treated. It hurts when we see how some are turning our favourite game into business, but the truth is we cannot change what’s made, we can only oppose in different ways to this. A perfect example of a club which was created by supporters, who took the initiative to create something that goes beyond all this business, is F.C United of Manchester. It was created by Manchester United supporters who didn’t agree with the controversial Malcolm Glazer’s takeover. One of the club’s intentions is that it will remain a non profit organization. They are also involved with charity work, something which goes beyond football yet it gives it a greater significance.

I believe that in the upcoming years, we are going to face what we have already been facing, but even worse. Business men are going to take advantage and continue turning this game into a business. Let us be the ones who will treat this game with respect, show those players we are behind their backs supporting them no matter what. If at least one of them realizes that commitment and loyalty still has its part in football, I take what i`ve said until now as victory.
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