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I don't know whether to jump with joy or throw up with fear. :confused:

On the one hand Platini really does want to make a difference. he wants it to be about the football. I really admire that.

On the other hand I sometimes get the feeling he has it in for English clubs if you catch my drift. Maybe it's because Premier League clubs have the most cash.

If Platini does walk the walk as well as talk the talk then he could introduce this licensing system to prevent clubs from amassing huge debts.

What do you think would happen to United? Or in fact all English clubs with rich foreign sugar daddies?

City would be broke again after one glorious season of having money. :D I guess overall I'm happy with the idea. I'm all for variety.

I would rather see a whole host of clubs across Europe competing to be the best rather than one league dominating for years.

I think United would survive.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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