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Glazer is certainly more popular with fans of his other team, NFL side Tampa Bay Buccaneers, than those of United.

The Floridian side have enjoyed a marked improvement in fortunes since Glazer’s arrival in 1995 – with the New Yorker campaigning for the local government to build the team a state-of-the-art stadium, and seeing the team win their first ever Super Bowl against the Oakland Raiders in 2003.
i think whoever wrote that article is talking bollocks there.
no way is he popular with buccaneers fans. thousands despise him for the way he is treating supporters and how he is destroying their club.


A Glazer family pledge that all £80m of the Cristiano Ronaldo transfer fee would be spent on new players for Manchester United is being viewed with renewed scepticism after revelations that their American football team is being starved of cash.

Figures show that this season the Glazers' Tampa Bay Buccaneers have spent less on players than any other team in the NFL. They are £19million under the league's salary cap - almost twice as much as the next-stingiest club on players than the maximum allowed have under gridiron's salary cap rules - a record low for the league and £14million less than the average spend.

Accounts also show that the Bucs are the league's lowest total spenders over the last four seasons, since the Glazers began paying off interest on the huge loans they took out to buy United.

Alas, this has resulted in Tampa Bay becoming one of NFL's worst teams just in time for their visit to Wembley later this month, where they are expected to be battered by the New England Patriots.
Manchester United fans beware: is the Glazers' other team skint? -
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