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Football Highlight And Low light Of The 07/08 Season

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Simple, mention your highlight and the low light for you of the footballing season.

Can be a team in a local league, United, or anything related to the vast world that
is football.

Here's mine (who both are United moments:eek:),


For me, the highlight of the season was the magical night in the Champions
League against Barcelona when 76,000+ roared Manchester United into the final
in Moscow against English counterparts, Chelsea. Having left the Camp Nou with a
somewhat lucky 0-0, United knew they had to force the initiative in the game and
after a slow start, they got clicking and a club legend was the one who struck the
first and fatal blow, Paul Scholes. That moment Scholsey unleashed his shot from
outside the box, and nestled in the goal, I sudden jerk occurred in my mind or
body, I don't know which, because this is a man who is now going to be playing in
a UEFA Champions League Final in Moscow after missing the memorable night in
1999. He, unlike Roy Keane will be able to rectify his mistake and walk out onto
the floodlit pitch. I don't know about you, but this was a telling moment of the
season and it'll be sticking in my mind for a long time to come. Just remember the
expression across his face once he knew he'd scored......

Low light

Another United event here, and this is one that came very early in the season
back in August when "The Baby Faced Assassin" announced that he'd be hanging
up his playing boots. Yes, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer called time on his playing days
and has since been awarded a testimonial against Espanyol. Ole played a very
important part in last seasons campaign and I'm sure he would have scored
important goals this season should he have continued playing. For someone to
show such commitment after coming back from serious knee injuries, Ole
managed goals against Charlton, Reading Celtic and a brace against Newcastle
United just to name a few. It was a saddening moment when he walked out into the
Old Trafford arena in that smart suit and announced he'd be leaving the playing
squad. I wish Ole all the best in his current coaching roles.
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I'd pretty much go along with that actually Keano. ;)
Keano! said:
That moment Scholsey unleashed his shot from outside the box, and nestled in the goal, I sudden jerk occurred in my mind or body,

:eek: There was nothing nestley about Scholes' shot. It BURST the back of the
net in true Roy of the Rovers style. It was a glorious effort.
and possibly the highlight of the season so far. Being at OT for the following
game against West Ham just capped off a truly memorable week.:)

Worst moment of the season is so easy to pick. It was the 50th Anniversary
of the Munich crash. We had the emotional build up all week, reading the
heroic and brave stories, looking at the tear jerking Harry Gregg documentaries,
saying a prayer for the Babes that lost their lives and even learning about the
great teams that Busby built and the character he showed to fight back to

As a proud United fan I was shattered that week from the emotions of the
occasion. The game against City will never be forgotten for the observance of
the minutes silence, the old school jerseys the players wore, without sponsor.
It was without question one of the games I have most wanted the lads to win.
This was it. We had to live up to the memory of great teams past and put on a
show. It wasnt to be. Maybe the players were as emotionally 'gone' as us
fans were?

Either way, it was one of the most disappointing times as a United fan EVER,
let alone this season. It took a while to get over that blow, but I reckon a win
against Wigan and a win against Chelsea will more than certainly make up for it.
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highlight has been the emergence of rio ferdinand as the best centre half in the world . all the headlines have centred on ronnie but rio has been simply immense .

lowlight or should i say lowlights losing twice to citeh .

obviously i hope to have a new highlight to post on 21st may !
Highlight: The fact, that Munich tragedy is not forgotten.

Lowlight: Season-long absence of United Captain.
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