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I read a funny story in the newspaper last night. It was a Japanese sumo wrestler who "faked" an arm injury to be able to play football.

To the story is, sumo is huge in Japan. This guy is a legend in Japan's sumo world and what he skipped for the football game was promo which is important for signing tickets and new sponsor deals for the sumo world in Japan.

He might have got away with it if it wasnt for the fact he scored a goal and it was caught on a amature video. Officials in the Sumo wrestling fed. is said to be furious about this. Since sumo is a part of the Japanese culture its a big thing really.

The reason for this Sumo to go to play football is said to be the ex-Bolton loan Hidetoshi Nakata who were doing a charity game between Japanese children and children from Mongolia.

Football is the no 1 sport. :D
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