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Sometimes I will see some names on this forum and
will simply dismiss them as "FM players", Akinfeev,
Ustari, Asenjo, Saivet just to name a few.

But, when you think of it, why shouldn't we trust
FM? The producers of these games spend thousands
of pounds on a yearly basis evaluating players so,
if FM say they have potential, why should we doubt

I remember having Robben, Ronaldo and Rooney on
a game that was made in 2002. Rooney was at Everton,
Ronaldo at Sporting and Robben at Groningen, in 2008
they were all world class. How is it that these players
were programmed to have such potential?

So, when you think about it, if FM says that Berbatov
is better than Tevez, for example, why should we doubt
it? They spend thousands of pounds, hiring professionals
to evaluate player attributes so why shouldn't they be
better than normal supporters and aficionàdos like us?

If Asenjo is worth £30mil. in 2015, why couldn't it be so
in real life? They've obviously evaluated him and decided
that he will be and they obviously know better than us,
so why shouldn't Asenjo be a realistic target considering
that our Scouts are, I presume, just as good or better.

It makes you think, doesn't it?
That's pretty interesting actually Peejay.
I never really thought about it like that to be honest.

Like you said it's experts that analyse these games to the depths and they do predict players like Rooney and Ronaldo to become world class when they are actually young and unproved.

It's amazing what technology can do these days and I suppose there is a lot of comparing of players to this game as they are in reality. It's a good chance that the guys who created these players and their attributes actually do work for scouts in some parts of football today.
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