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I put this up on another forum a while back.

-Anfield has a great atmosphere.

-Steven Ireland has hair.

-Theres no United fans in Manchester.

-Carragher is a great defender.

-Newcastle are a big club

-Rooney is fat

-Ashley Cole is heterosexual

-Berbatov is lazy

-England are gonna win the next world cup/european championships/game they're involved in/coin toss

-Its a shame leeds went down

-Lee didn't bum Bell

-Bell didn't bum Lee

-Lee and Bell didn't bum Summerbee

-Having arab owners guarentees champions league football

-Gerrard isn't a birth canal

-Playing against Cardif counts as a Euro away

-The division one trophy counts as silverware

-Football began in 1992

-He really didn't see the incident

-Scott Carson is good

-Any defeat Man Utd suffer is due to the absense of tactical genius Carlos Queiroz/Rooneys terrible finishing/Nanis general shitness

-In the event of Man utd suffering a defeat Giuseppe Rossi should immediately be transferred back to Man Utd using the buy back clause

-Whilst commentating on a game involving Liverpool FC in the event of Gerrard scoring/shooting/entering field of play one must shout his name in a long high pitched screech

-Drawing squiggily lines on the replays after the match has finished mean you know what you're talking about

-Andy Gray knows what he's talking about

-John Motson knows where he is.

-Shouting phuck sake (insert name of player here) at the top of your voice when at the football when said player does something wrong indicates you know what you're talking about

-You do indeed know better than the manager

Anyone got anymore?

Anfield has no atmosphere. They sing that cheesy pop song at the beginning and at the end but it's almost silent for the most important part which is the 90 minutes in between. You can hear the players talking to eachother during most games because it's that quiet.
1 - 20 of 119 Posts
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