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Richest players

9 = Harry Kewell
9 = Didier Drogba
8 Damien Duff
7 Cristiano Ronaldo
6 John Terry
4 = Steven Gerrard
4 = Frank Lampard
3 Rio Ferdinand
2 Wayne Rooney
1 Michael Owen

Richest owners

10 Sir David Murray (Rangers)
9 The Walker family (Blackburn)
8 Michael Spencer (Ipswich)
7 Mike Ashley (Newcastle)
6 Dermot Desmond (Celtic)
5 Malcolm Glazer (Manchester United)
4 Joe Lewis (Tottenham)
3 Alisher Usmanov (Arsenal)
2 Roman Abramovich (Chelsea)
1 Lakshmi Mittal (Queens Park Rangers),19528,11096_3989893,00.html

I'm surprised Glazer can be listed as being rich at all.

Is he not technically hundreds of millions of pounds in debt?

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Jazz 16 said:
Abrahmovic isnt in first???? No way.
I read that Lakshmi Mittal, who owns QPR, has twice the wealth of Abrahmovic.

But Alisher Usmanov doesn't own Arsenal. Is he not just a shareholder?

And as for Fowler, I would imagine he should be on that list as well. Owen owns racehorses so I guess thats why hes first.

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looking at the owners list mittal is number one which is about right with abramovic just behind him.
the glazers in fifth place should be a bit higher , in fact fergie makes them massive ammounts of money every year by winning trophies and selling our up and coming players just to balance the budget and pay off their interest
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