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Players boss, Gordon Taylor says that new drug test rules will "intrude on the privacy of his Premier League superstars". So what have top footballers got to hide?

Bosnich and Mutu were two well known players who were caught taking cocaine. The case involving Mutu is still ongoing where he is fighting a £13m compensation claim. He is appealing against a FIFA ruling that he must pay £13.68m to Chelski in compensation. Bosnich suffered a 9 month ban, to date, the longest ban seved on a drug taking footballer.

The question surely being asked now is who will be found out, named and shamed, with the new drug test laws? It could certainly explain the performances, or rather the lack of performances, of some top players. Obviously it would be impractical and downright dangerous to name players we would "imagine" have been doing cocaine etc but I would imagine that its not exactly a rare thing in some footballers lives.

If players are not at their designated place when drug testers arrive, then they wait 1 hour. If the person has still not appeared, it is put down as a missed test. 3 missed tests in 18 months will lead to an automatic 12 month suspension.

Then there is the famous case of being banned for NOT taking anything, with Rio Ferdinand, in 2004. England players threatened to strike but he served an 8 month ban and FIFA and WADA wanted him suspended for even longer. There was NEVER any suggestion he had taken anything, but was convicted and hung for "missing a test".

I wonder what the future will reveal?
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