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Chelsea are not top of the Premier League but their players have the most
expensive and fastest cars, it was revealed today.

The average cost of a Chelsea footballer's car is £104,835 and their vehicles' top
speeds average 192mph, according to research from Nuts magazine.

Arsenal players have the second-most expensive cars at £87,652, with Liverpool
third (£86,297) and Manchester United fourth (£82,535).

Birmingham, struggling near the foot of the Premiership table, can at least say
their players have cars with the second-fastest average top speed (175mph) as
well as the fifth most-expensive models (£80,398).

The research also revealed:

The most popular individual car model among Premiership players is the BMW X5
(owners include Portsmouth's Sol Campbell and Chelsea's John Terry)

Second most popular model is the Mercedes M Class (West Ham's Freddie Ljundberg)

AS many as 16 Premiership players have 4x4 Range Rovers, including Spurs
Jermaine Defoe

The Aston Martin is particularly favoured by England players, with owners
including David Beckham, Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Michael Owen

Robbie Savage of Blackburn and Everton's James Beattie are among the
Lamborghini owners.

Nuts editor Phil Hilton said: ``The stars of the premiership love their luxury items
and don't think twice about dishing out six-figure sums for the latest Aston or
Porsche - costing them at least a week's wages.

"What remains surprising is the dominance of 4x4s, proving that even premiership
stars need a bit of boot space for the weekly run to Tescos.''
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