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CROoney from Dubrovnik said:
don't forget that england need to win at least 2-0 to be on top

2-0 or by 3 clear goals.

With Rooney and Owen missing I can't see us doing that but after the mess we've made of this qualifying campaign I'd take a 0-0 and our place in Euro 2008!

andycole9 said:
what are all you talking about?

in case you didn't realize a qualification campaign is over 12 games not 10 or 11,

like the premier league, utd don't win that by christmas just coz they are top

come wednesday we will beat croatia (better team, lmfao) and finish top of the group proving we are the best team in the group, points don't lie and we will have the most, like in the premier league the team that finishes on top of the league as been the best team coz they have the most points no question about it

yes we've made it hard for ourselves and should of qualified earlier but as russia and croatia have found themselves going to places to like macadonia and isreal is no walk in the park

we will face croatia with 4 of our best players out in terry, rio, rooney, and owen, and we will still beat them, mark my words

and i can't wait till wednesday is over so we can put the internationals to bed for a while and get back to the real reason every one comes on this site, talking about utd, not to come on to rip into england,

i don't know why anyone even bothered to watch england friday night, your not english any of you, there was no utd players playing for england, so if you all hate us that much why bother even watching?

Is there a need to say we owned you on the field , and outside , or you were all singing the sound of silence.

And about the lack of the firs team players , well you had them all in Croatia , lost 2-0 and England didn't menage to drop a single shoot at Croatias goal for 90 minutes. Dont you think it tells enough.

Tea is for heros dressed in grey,
No plans for final day.
Stay in bed,
Drift away.

It could have been all songs in the street,
It was nearly complete
It was nearly so sweet
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Three lions on his shirt
Jewels we made still gleaming
No more years of hurt
No more need for dreaming

Its staying home,
Its staying home,
Its staying,
England is staying home.
Its staying home,
Its staying home,
Its staying,
England is staying home.
Its staying home
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