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Keano was the best though in fairness.
Its hard for our present crop to compare because the ONLY Cm who
compares with Keano is Vieira and they both no longer play in the Prem.
We possibly have the best group of midfielders in European Football, along with
Barca and Chelsea possibly.

We cant complain too much to be fair. Scholes is a different player to Keane
but on his day equally as effective in other areas. There is time for Hargo and
Anderson as its their first season. Carrick as well is a different type of player.
You mention Essien who IS class and in the kind of Keane mould but to be
comparing our midfielders to Keane is a bit harsh imo.
As the saying goes 'There's only one Keano' and he will never be replicated or
matched for what he brought to the party.

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acazzer said:
WE did not put hargreaves rb fergie put him there cos tactically the mans a fool
Its posts like this that just baffle me beyond belief.....
So you say that tactically fergie is a 'fool' ? :rolleyes:
So obviously ALL those trophies he has one to date have been what?
a fluke? luck?

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Keano4taoiseach said:
And that's what is wrong with our midfield!!!!!!

We have a group of players who (except Scholes and possibly Anderson in future) have certain attributes of great midfielders like I pointed out in my first post.

We don't have that box to box midfielder who can run the engine room, launch into tackle after tackle and always find a pass.

Keane did it for years, Essien did it today, I haven't seen a United midfielder do it consistently for years.

Last season Carrick was good and Scholes, but it was our attacking players and defence who won us the league. Same this season, Best Defence and Ronaldo.

It is our midfield, where we seem to have too many options that is our weakness!!!!

Barca walked through our midfield and Chelsea, Bloody Chelsea carved open our midfield today like it was a training match!!!!

Fergie was largely to blame and Hargo should definitely have been moved into midfield and O'Shea put at right back when Anderson went off.

Still, we don't have that Robson or Keane player.

How could having the best group of midfielders in Europe be whats wrong with us?

Hargo and Anderson have the potential to be players in the mould of Keane.
Anderson is full of energy, box to box, enormous strength and self belief,
fearless and can tackle like a demon. He wasnt expected to feature as much this
season but from what we have seen, he could go on to be one of the finest
midfield generals in World football. Trust me he has the potential.

As for Hargo....Ive always said that he was our most important signing last
summer. We know what he brings to the table, though some fans need more
convincing :rolleyes:

Like Anderson and Keane....he has energy beyond belief, great tackling, strength,
box to box if needs be. Like Keane he has versatility and can play anywhere on
the pitch from defender, midfielder to attacking winger.
With so many CM's around Im not sure where Fergie will end up deploying him,
but one things for sure he can do a job in the middle a la Keane, once the
injuries clear up and he is given a chance.

We are blessed to have the midfielders we do. No one will ever be as good as
Keane was, but they can come mighty close through hard work, passion, drive
and determination.

Balance is key at the end of it all, but thats Fergie's job to decide who the
generals shall be in the middle of the park.
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