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The Keano factor, and I have to admit, the Essien factor.

Essien was fantastic today, box to box throughout the match and won every ball he contested in midfield.

-We have Carrick who can pass but is slow and clumsy at times and can always go missing.

-Scholes is nearing the end and doesn't have the strength or pace anymore.

-Anderson is still young and can't control or dominate a midfield.

-Fletcher tries hard and always battles on but he lacks a through footballing brain and the passing and vision necessary.

-Hargreaves, our 30 million right back, has the fire and the passion, but his passing has let him down in matches this season. Played well at right back though.

We needed a Michael Essien today (and against Barca) or a Roy Keane or a Patrick Viera, and we didn't have one.

Sure Fergies tactics were wrong, but we still needed a player who could go from box to box and make crunching tackles and rally those around him.

I saw no leader on the pitch for United today.

All I saw was a group of players being pushed around by a psyched up Chelsea team.

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Jazz 16 said:
Keano was the best though in fairness.
Its hard for our present crop to compare because the ONLY Cm who
compares with Keano is Vieira and they both no longer play in the Prem.
We possibly have the best group of midfielders in European Football, along with
Barca and Chelsea possibly.

We cant complain too much to be fair. Scholes is a different player to Keane
but on his day equally as effective in other areas. There is time for Hargo and
Anderson as its their first season. Carrick as well is a different type of player.
You mention Essien who IS class and in the kind of Keane mould but to be
comparing our midfielders to Keane is a bit harsh imo.
As the saying goes 'There's only one Keano' and he will never be replicated or
matched for what he brought to the party.
And that's what is wrong with our midfield!!!!!!

We have a group of players who (except Scholes and possibly Anderson in future) have certain attributes of great midfielders like I pointed out in my first post.

We don't have that box to box midfielder who can run the engine room, launch into tackle after tackle and always find a pass.

Keane did it for years, Essien did it today, I haven't seen a United midfielder do it consistently for years.

Last season Carrick was good and Scholes, but it was our attacking players and defence who won us the league. Same this season, Best Defence and Ronaldo.

It is our midfield, where we seem to have too many options that is our weakness!!!!

Barca walked through our midfield and Chelsea, Bloody Chelsea carved open our midfield today like it was a training match!!!!

Fergie was largely to blame and Hargo should definitely have been moved into midfield and O'Shea put at right back when Anderson went off.

Still, we don't have that Robson or Keane player.

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acazzer said:
WE did not put hargreaves rb fergie put him there cos tactically the mans a fool
He's not a fool tactically, that's a bit harsh.

However, when O'Shea came on for Anderson on saturday, Hargreaves should definitely have been moved into mid field and O'Shea put at right back.

It's baffling that that didn't happen.
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