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Keano4taoiseach said:
The Keano factor, and I have to admit, the Essien factor.

Essien was fantastic today, box to box throughout the match and won every ball he contested in midfield.

-We have Carrick who can pass but is slow and clumsy at times and can always go missing.

-Scholes is nearing the end and doesn't have the strength or pace anymore.

-Anderson is still young and can't control or dominate a midfield.

-Fletcher tries hard and always battles on but he lacks a through footballing brain and the passing and vision necessary.

-Hargreaves, our 30 million right back, has the fire and the passion, but his passing has let him down in matches this season. Played well at right back though.

We needed a Michael Essien today (and against Barca) or a Roy Keane or a Patrick Viera, and we didn't have one.

Sure Fergies tactics were wrong, but we still needed a player who could go from box to box and make crunching tackles and rally those around him.

I saw no leader on the pitch for United today.

All I saw was a group of players being pushed around by a psyched up Chelsea team.
I agree with everthing said here. We were really outmuscled today. No leader. Hargreaves was supposed to be our Essien and we stick him RB. Crazy signing. We needed a big powerful midfielder.
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